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Want to setup a domain...
Created Jun 22, 2011 17:43
Hi all! I hope you won't punch me for noob questions... I try to get my head around some things, but it's difficult to get started with it. Actually my intention is to set up a website. I already registered a domain (delfi-wedemark.de) with a major company. But for "personal education" I want to set up my own web server. Well, the server is not the problem, but how to I get my domain point to it? I came across to this web site and am believing it could help me, am I right? So I can add that domain and probably use the dynamic ip service to always be available. But so far the domain points to a "build site" page at the registrar; where would I actually put the transfer code to? Generally spoken: Is that the way it works?

Thanks a lot for your answers in advance!