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DNS Service: Upcoming dynamic IP delegation service
Dave Clark
Created Feb 16, 2006 10:27
Over a year ago I sent a feature request to the BIND dns server developers asking for a feature that will make its dynamic update implementation more flexible. Basically I had masterminded a way to implement a dynamic IP delegation service that requires this flexibility. This service is designed to be a solution for people who want to host their own dns servers on their dynamic IP address. Basically you go to your registrar and set your name servers to DollarDNS, then you login to DollarDNS to set your name servers to ns.yourdomain.com, which points to your public IP address. At this point DollarDNS will forward all queries to your dns server. You could then download ipupdate and the config to keep this IP current on my service.

There is a real reason to have such a service. I have 2 users that has setup what is called "hidden master" with my dns service. Basically my service is a slave to their dynamic IP master dns server. They also have a script that automatically goes into my website and changes the master IP for their slave zone whenever their IP changes. Normally I don't like scripts talking to my website, but since I didn't have a better solution available, I let them do this. Once I have this new feature available, I'll help them with doing away with these scripts.

I would've done this a long time ago, but with the current version of BIND this is just plain too inconvenient and inefficient. When the next version of BIND is released, the work will begin on offering this unique service.

Dave Clark [email] [irc chat]
DollarDNS Services

Created Jan 17, 2010 01:58
I have try use domain address for my dynamic ip master dns server. for dynamic service important is fast transfer and update ip to slave dns server.