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Weekend disaster repeats itself.
Dave Clark
Created Feb 5, 2007 03:07
Over the weekend we've had long periods of downtime due to more fun times with my ISP, AIT. At first it was fairly reasonable. I submitted a ticket and it was fixed in 4.5 hours. They explained that the power supply went bad. Then the next morning it was down again and I didn't realize until that afternoon. I submitted another support ticket and it turned out that they left the power cable loose... So then they got that fixed and 20 min later it goes down again for unknown reasons, but they appear to have resolved the issue.

Again I encourage everybody to setup slaves to the dollardns server to keep your domains functional even if the DollarDNS server experiences technical difficulties. We had four and a half months of solid uptime, but it can't last forever.

Dave Clark [email] [irc chat]
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