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We have a new secondary dns server!
Dave Clark
Created Aug 4, 2007 12:34
Edited Aug 4, 2007 12:36
First some background. Once upon a time there was only one server for DollarDNS. It has 2 IP addresses, which were mapped to free1.dollardns.net and free2.dollardns.net. However, when you have only one dns server, sometimes things happen and everybody's domains stop working and are very pissed. So then free3.dollardns.net was created. It was mapped to donated servers from time to time and has lately been completely unused for the past several months.

Now I've finally decided to rent a second server just as powerful and as much my own as the first server. The first server has enjoyed continual use for a few years now, and this new server is intended to be just as solid. So it will take over the role of free2.dollardns.net.

However, I've also decided to drop the freeX naming scheme we've been using. I chose it a long time ago when I desired to create a paid dns hosting service that would be under different dns servers. I have since discarded the idea. Free dns hosting is the only way to go. So now everybody's new dns servers are as follows:

ns1.dollardns.net ( - the main server
ns2.dollardns.net ( - the new server

I've already updated all of the site scripts to operate on the new dns server naming scheme. I've also transferred a slave configuration for all master zones to the new server. It is completely online and ready for use!

There are some things to note about this new secondary server:

1) New master zones are not automatically added to the secondary server yet. I'm still working out the process, which will differ significantly with how I did things with free3.
2) Reverse zones will be loaded on the secondary server, unlike free3 in the past.
3) Slave zones will not be loaded on the secondary server. Such zones will use slave.dollardns.net as usual.
4) TSIG Secured zones will be supported by the secondary server, unlike free3 in the past.
5) The new secondary server is using BIND 9.4.1. Once the whole process is finalized, I'll be upgrading BIND on the main server as well, which is currently BIND 9.3.0 and is feeling its age.

So hurray! I will no longer strongly recommend that people setup slaves for their zones on other services. Between my two servers I hope to keep things pretty reliable.

Dave Clark [email] [irc chat]
DollarDNS Services

Created Nov 11, 2007 15:32
Most excellent.
Keep up the fantastic work.

Dave Clark
Created Feb 14, 2009 10:05
With respect to #1 above, I've finally put down a little bit of automation. Now when you add a zone, it should be added to the secondary server immediately. But if it has TSIG secured transfers, then it will have to wait for me to do my periodic syncs between the primary and secondary servers.

Dave Clark [email] [irc chat]
DollarDNS Services