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A new start in the cloud
Dave Clark
Created Feb 18, 2018 22:26
After about 14 years, I moved the website and all of the services it supports to the Amazon Cloud. If you have registered a DNS server using the old IP address ( then you need to change it to the new IP address ( I tried to make things easier on you guys by updating all references to the old IP in your zone files.

In the course of migrating the services, little has changed in the design and architecture behind this site. But I intend to change that. Over the next couple of months I'm going to rebuild the site to take full advantage of the Amazon Cloud services. The most significant thing about this is that the website will be driven by a Web API. I don't know how deeply I'll get into documenting it, but for techie folks, you'll be able to use the Web API to automate anything you can do manually. While I work, I'll probably make some changes to the user-facing design of the site as well.

Now is the time to make feature requests while I'm actively working on the site.

Dave Clark [email] [irc chat]
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