DollarDNS Services Policy

  • Online Hosting - The domain is online when the domain host's dns servers are ready to recieve requests for that domain.

  • Verified Domain - The domain host can verify that you are the owner of a domain when the registered name servers for that domain point to the domain host's dns servers. This includes virtual domains where the provider's dns servers IP's are pointed to by the user's domains.

  • Terms and Conditions + Legal Issues

There are certain requirements to register various domain extensions such as ".us". These requirements are not verified by DollarDNS at all. However, if a court or DollarDNS's domain registration provider has a problem with any domain registered through this service, then DollarDNS must fully cooperate with those authorities. These problems will most likely only occur in the event a business claims trademark infringement by the registering of a domain.

There are no restrictions on what domains you host on the DollarDNS servers. DollarDNS reserves full rights to what may or may not be hosted on the server, and doesn't care what your domains are used for. DollarDNS will also try everything possible to keep your personal information private even in the event legal authorities claim this information should be given to them. Only on receipt of a court demand that this information be given up will DollarDNS release it. This includes dns server and webserver logs, account contact information, payment transaction logs as kept by paypal, and any emails exchanged between the user and DollarDNS (which aren't saved anyway).

    Financial Policy

Payments are made through paypal. Paypal takes care of recieving credit information so that the payment can be made. Paypal also supports other ways of transferring money to your account. At no time will DollarDNS accept credit card information or payments made by any other means than through paypal. This way your financial and personal security is protected by paypal.

All payments for any service will be refunded in full within 30 days of the payment. After the 30 days the payment will be refunded for the full amount minus the paypal payment fee minus any service related expenses. Any "floating payments" (a payment made for future services) may be used at any time in the future for any purpose. If they aren't ever used for any service, and you wish it refunded, this will be considered a no service expense and you'll recieve the full refund minus the paypal payment fee.

    Domain Registration Policy

You may register any domain you wish and no requirements are confirmed by DollarDNS. Whether successful registration is accomplished is dependant on the DollarDNS registration provider. All registered domains are considered verified and are placed under the paid domain hosting plan at no additional expense.

Domains you register are owned by you and not the DollarDNS company. Because of this, you have full rights to transferring the domain to another registrar. The other registrar will require a fee to make this transfer, and is to be initiated with them.

If a user wants a payment for domain registration to be refunded, DollarDNS will refund this payment in full as long as the refund request is given within 30 days. At this point DollarDNS will assume ownership of the domain and will do what it likes with it including releasing it to the domain registry, selling it, or making use of it.

    Domain Hosting Policy

All domains created in the Zone Manager are immediately online except for those created with the trial account. Many domain hosts don't do this for free domains due to potential conflicts with unverified domains. DollarDNS does this anyway so that a person may test the dns server before actually switching the registered name servers to DollarDNS. This also provides zero downtime in host switching.

The process for verifying a domain is done manually. DollarDNS will review the registered name servers for your domain and server logs to determine if requests for your domain actually reaches the DollarDNS servers. If they do, your domain is verified to be yours.

Verified zones will never be removed or transferred to another account due to conflict claims. Unverified zones may be transferred or removed for any reason. This includes unverified domains that has been paid for. So do not pay for domain hosting for domains you don't intend to use on the DollarDNS dns servers.

    Domain Hosting Conflict Policy

Because of the hosting policy, a conflict may arise where a user wants to setup hosting for a domain he owns, but another user has already setup hosting for that domain on the DollarDNS servers. In this situation the true owner of the domain may contact DollarDNS about having the domain transferred to his account. While your domains are verified to be yours, they'll never be removed or transferred to another account.

    Account Deletion Conditions

  • No Zones - You account may be deleted after 1 month of no activity

  • No Verified Zones - Your account may be deleted after 2 months of no activty

  • Verified Zones - As long as 1 or more zones remain verified, your account will never be deleted.

  • Paid Services - If you have paid for DollarDNS services, but they have expired and no verified zones exist, your account may be deleted after 3 months of no activity.